The Queen of Pohjola

Book III of the Far Northern Land Saga

“A must-read, amazing combination of Finnish myth and epic fantasy. For the first time, the world of the Kalevala and its heroes come to life in an exciting fantasy classic.”

The Mark of the Bear Clan

Book I of the Far Northern Land Saga

The saga begins! Ulla, a girl in Iron-Age Finland, is taken in by the famous wizard Väinämöinen and sets off down the Trail for Singers, the life path for Finnish wizards. Finnish legends come to life!

The Heir of Lemminkäinen

Book II of the Far Northern Land Saga

As Löhi, the Witch of the North, unleashes war upon the Seven Clans of Iron-Age Finland, only King Egan and Ulla—the Child of the Prophecy—can guarantee victory for their people.

David Allen Schlaefer

David Allen Schlaefer is a diplomat, author, and globetrotter who started his life in tropical south Texas at the Mexican border and wound up 10,000 miles away in the snowy wonderland of Finland. Along the way, he’s lived in Hong Kong and Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro and Bucharest, Kiev and Mexico, and served alongside the 3rd Brigade Combat Team in Iraq where he won a Commander’s Award for Civilian Service. David’s interest in all things Finnish began at a young age when he discovered the Kalevala, the Finnish national epic, and its stories about shamans, witches, warriors, and magic. He jumped at the opportunity to work at the US Embassy in Helsinki and study Finnish language and culture for almost five years. A member of the Kalevala Society and author of articles on the influence of the Finnish language and Kalevala on JRR Tolkien’s Middle-Earth, David turned to the Far Northern Land Saga to bring Finnish myths to life for a new generation of fantasy fans.

Coming soon in 2023:

The Far Northern Land Saga concludes with Book III, The Queen of Pohjola!