The Map of the Far Northern Land

The map of the Far Northern Land was drawn by Misty Beee, the well known French fantasy cartographer. You can find her work at  Scroll around the map to explore the Far Northern Land and its clans, kingdoms, and homelands.  Ulla’s village was called Grankulta; bonus points if you can find it!

The Map of Pohjola

The map of Pohjola, or Northland, the realm of the Witch, Löhi.  Few mortal women and men lived in Pohjola except for the Saami reindeer herders, but elves, trolls, goblins, and other magical races were scattered throughout its frozen landscape. The Witch ruled from her keep in dismal Sariola, “the place of sickness,” and wove her dark magic atop the Kipuvuori, the “mountain of pain.”